BrE, fulfill AmE /fUl'fIl/ verb (T)
1 if a hope, promise, wish etc is fulfilled, the thing that you had hoped, promised, wanted etc happens or is done: Visiting Disneyland has fulfilled a boyhood dream. | Eisenhower finally fulfilled his election pledge to end the war in Korea.
2 fulfil a need to provide something that someone needs
3 fulfil a requirement/condition to reach a standard that is necessary, especially one that has been officially decided: Much of the electrical equipment failed to fulfill safety requirements.
4 fulfil a role/function/duty etc to do the things you are supposed or expected to do because of your job, position in society etc: Does the established Church fulfil any useful function in modern society?
5 if your work fulfils you, it makes you feel satisfied because you are using all your skills, qualities etc
6 fulfil yourself to feel satisfied because you are using all your skills, qualities etc: She succeeded in fulfilling herself both as an actress and as a mother.
7 fulfil your potential to be as successful as you possibly could be: While he is very competent, he is not really fulfilling his potential.
8 fulfil a prediction/prophecy to happen in a way someone has said something would happen

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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